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Okay. So I'm officially single. I think.

And I am unashamedly posting this blog, err, notice that there's a new spot open waiting to be filled! So, if you meet any of my requirements below, by all means, email me at, as I would like to know you. If you hit a snag as you go on, email me, as I just might consider you.

If you fall short on my requirements, don't be disappointed or be bitter. These are my preferences and there's nothing you can do about it.


You have to be at least 5'6" tall and above, 170 lbs and over (I have a thing for big guys). You have to be anywhere between 23 and 38 years old.  Now, 38 is a stretch for me, but hey, you must have a kid inside you somehow. Must have a good stance and bearing. You must look and smell clean, even if you've got 'em dreads. Confident stride. No sloopers, please. I have no particular feature in mind, but I am definitely sure that I am not fond of Chinese-looking, or Chinese guys at all.


You must have a Bachelor's degree, better yet, a Master's or PhD. I find geeks more interesting than regular guys. So, if you have a Superior IQ, I'd be more than glad to have an intellectual intercourse with you.

You must have graduated from a respectable school such as: UP (highly preferred, of course), the Ateneo, La Salle, UST, UERM, Don Bosco (not really fond of their graduates), San Beda (these law students/graduates have a particular streak which I can easily identify), Silliman, and USC. If you haven't graduated but you're engaged in a thriving business/career, that's fine. I've got nothing against undergraduates. If you're not from any of the schools I mentioned above, I'm sorry, it's non-negotiable. I'd prefer an undergrad who went there than someone who didn't.

If you're from abroad, email me. I'd have to do some research first.


I think I've dated every single stereotype there is: the artiste, the intellectual, the smooth talker, the jock, the playboy, and every professional: the doctor, the lawyer, the accountant, engineer, manager, blah blah. Playboys are definitely assholes, but good in bed. Doctors make up for their absence by treating you to a nice dinner and quick, rough sex, if not, bland.  Lawyers, oooh,  they're only good with talk. Lousy fuck. The artiste, he takes his time. Full of surprises, though. The intellectual? Nice introduction, bad ending. So what guy should I date?

I'm not even sure if it is remotely possible, but if it is, I'd like to have a combination of the intellectual, the artiste, and the doctor. I would like an intellectual because I get tickled pink and high just with endless conversation. He's gotta be a talker because I simply wither without conversation. The artiste, on the other hand, offers soul, creativity and passion to the relationship. Spontaneity, as well. Then, there's the MD. I'm not so sure why I included it in there, but I could only think of pleasing my parents. We come from a family of medical practitioners, and I think I'd be comfortable with the situation if he is an MD. Not to mention the financial security he can offer. It was bad enough that I didn't take up Medicine; the most I can do is marry one who practices it. I know a life living with their kind, so I think I'd be a most succesful wife if I marry one. If you're not one, that's okay. It's pretty negotiable anyway. As long as I have my intellectual + artiste combination, I'm a happy girl.


Sorry, blokes. I'm not into divorced, previously-married, separated guys. With kids. Or any guy who's got a kid. Not that I don't like kids, hell, I do. I'd even make a damn good mother. I just don't like other women's kids, that's all.

If you're utterly young but full of potential, you're most welcome. I like fresh meat.

I'd like a guy who's been around, but not promiscuous. Being around would mean having dated and been with a woman for quite some time before jumping ship. One who's been on a long-term relationship. I'm not impressed at all with guys who brag that their shortest relationship was 3 days. I don't like serial daters. Or serial fuckers. I'm sorry, but I don't do one-night-stands anymore, so if you were thinking to hook up with me precisely just for that, I could link you instead to some semen-starved bloggers I know.

You simply must go out of your way to prove yourself worthy. If you think you're the one, yet you're waiting for me to become my full potential, you're an asshole. What makes you think you can have me then and not now? Being together during the entire process is what's important to me, not the end result. *If this doesn't make sense to you right now, email me. I'll explain.

I like grand gestures of love. You simply must be grand and full of surprises.

(If you you're guilty of one or more, STOP reading and open another blog.)

* Big, wide noses. Ugly noses. Wide nostrils. Ugh. Need I say more? It totally ruins a face.
* Buck teeth. Ugly teeth = ugly mouth = ugly face.
* Kinky. Hair, I mean.
* Receding hairline. Oh please. It's enough that I'm depressed because I'm turning 26 already!
* Misers. Cheap. Kuripot. Ugh. Man, you gotta know how to please your woman!
* Bad english and diction. I simply cannot stand talking to you. It would irritate the hell out of me.
* Losers. Does not know one's self. No career. Bum. No backbone. Weakling.
* Poor fashion sense. Okay, this one right here can be helped, that is, if you have the moolah for a makeover. I could do it myself! If you don't, don't bother.
* Sleazeball. Having a fetish or two is fine, but I hope that wouldn't totally gross me out. But if you have a huge collection of porn and downloading them daily, man, you need a pornstar, not a girlfriend.
* Poor manners. Or none at all. Now, see, I'm a stickler for good manners and breeding (although I totally lose them sometimes). You gotta have good breeding! It cannot be acquired overnight. It is learned over time.
* Momma's boy. Now, now, this one's a winner. You SIMPLY must not be another guy who'd say to me after I asked you why we broke up, "Mom happened."


I am stubborn, strong-willed, dominant, high-maintenance, obsessive-compulsive, prissy, sassy, a total bitch. Attitude-wise. It takes a strong man to be my match.

I don't commute, nor should you expect me to. I don't drive either. I'm lazy, but when I'm so worked up about something, I get totally high and forget all about you.

I am passionate but I get easily bored. You have to amuse me at all times.

Sure, I have my issues, my shortcomings, my flaws. Who doesn't? The only thing that's so preposterous about this whole thing is that I am writing and posting this. Women are more known to be "quiet" about their preferences, whereas men, when asked what kind of woman they want, reply without much thought, "oh, you know, sexy, beautiful, long legs, big boobs, nice ass."

I mean, have you seen yourself in front of the mirror?! Most guys who say that are butt ugly, with an attitude problem. Okay, so not all of them, but most.  Having a huge nine-to-five pay and a kickass car or a huge dick (what is huge, anyway?) does not merit you a good woman. But then, to dream is free, so I will not take that away from you.

Nor should you take that from me.

Now, you must be thinking (especially if you fell short), "Who does this bitch think she is?!" You ask, am I beautiful? Am I succesful? Am I someone important that I require such a particular guy?

I shouldn't even begin to think of answering those questions. Because the point is, I know who I am, I know what I'm made of, and I deserve the kind of guy I want.


Q: Does size matter?
A: Lengthwise? No. As long as you're pretty thick and you've got a good tongue, you're good.

Q: What kind of men am I attracted to?
A: I'm attracted to aggressive, strong, superior men. I lust for power.

Q: Am I good in bed?
A: I'd like to think so. Not for me to tell, but for you to find out.

Q: What are my interests?
A: Literature, music (various genres), Italian food, road trips, travel, eBay, shopping.

Q: What's the worst thing a guy has said/done to me?
A: Said: "You're a full time job."
    Done: Leaving me at a bus terminal at midnight. Didn't drive me home.

Q: What's the best thing a guy has said/done to me?
A: Said: "You are so enchanting. I am constantly at my feet."
    Done: None yet. Now's your chance.

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