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Good gawd, I found my first student for my Polishing School! And she doesn’t even know it. You poor, poor thing. She’s exactly the type that I loathe, but at the same time, I’d want to help her, you know? She’s such a fuckin’ foolface. I don’t know who the hell this prostitute is, but dahling, if you see this, contact me immediately! As in IMMEDIATELY! Before you make a fuck of yourself on national television and be all over the internet.

To my international audience, THIS IS NOT HOW FILIPINAS TALK or SING ,for that matter. Not all, anyway.

Oh gawd. Who the hell put her on TV?!?!?!


  1. Gosh ano yan?!?kiss me lang ang naintindihan ko!don’t let the writer of Desperate Housewives see this,he might use this for another episode!!!

  2. maghubad n lng siya mas ok p cguro

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