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I tagged myself. It’s contagious. You read another person’s blog, and you feel like doing the same thing too. Happens all the time. Anyway, i can’t help it. So indulge me. 🙂

Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Dark Black
Piercing: Two (ears and tongue)
Tattoos: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None. There’s gotta be somebody out there, right?
Overused phrase: Right. (sarcastic tone)

Food: Italian. Pesto pasta, pizza. Pepper steak. Lays’ (sour cream and onion). Teehee.
Candy: Ritter (white), Truffles
Number: 1
Color: Red. Duh, isn’t it obvious?
Animal: Cats. White ones.
Drink: Diet coke
Alcoholic drink: Vodka
Letter: A
Body part of opposite sex: Loins. Sexxxy.

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke
McDonalds or Jollibee: Jollibee hands down.
Strawberry or watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or iced tea: Hot peppermint tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate when I need to perk myself up, Vanilla as a base for my experiments.
Hot chocolate or coffee: Hot chocolate
Kiss or hug: Kiss
Dog or cat: CATS hands down
Rap or punk: Punk
Summer or rainy season: Rainy season. I just wanna curl up in bed and feel lazy.
Scary movies or funny movies: Funny. You CANT make me watch scary movies. I’d be covering my eyes the entire time.

Bedtime: 4 am
Most missed memory: Getting stoned and laughing so hard with my three roommates in UPLB.
Best physical feature: Eyes and mouth
First thought after waking up: “Did I win that bag on eBay???”
Goal for this year: Be emotionally stable.
Weakness: My nephew, Matthew, bags, Truffles
Fears: Drowning (cos I don’t know how to swim )

Ever drank: Duh, yeah.
Ever smoked: Occasionally. Trying to quit now.
Ever been drunk: Uh, yeah.
Ever been kissed: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!
Ever been in love: Barely, but yes. I am, indeed, capable of loving.

Favorite eye color: Blue. Sigh. Wish ko lang. Haha. Anything. Doesn’t matter.
Favorite hair color: Brownish-tawnish
Short or long hair: Bald, long, or cut right.
Height: Above 5’7″
Style: Extremes. I like em rockin’ and I like em clean and smart. No slobs, please.
Looks or personality: Personality, hands down.
Hot or cute: Hotttt. You gotta make me wetttt
Drugs and alcohol: Uhm… hehehe. Don’t make me answer this one.
Muscular or skinny: I hate skinny guys, and I get really uncomfortable with muscular ones. Especially when they start flexing. Oh dear.

Number of regrets in the past: 3 (1, my first sexual encounter. wrong choice. 2, academic pursuits. 3, some guy I shouldn’t have hooked up with)
What country do you want to visit: Italy! Santorini, Greece!
How do you want to die: Intoxicated, knocked out, or in a coma.
Do you like thunderstorms: No
Health freak: Yes. I’m being careful now. Somebody taught me to take Vitamin C and lots of water everyday. I miss that someone.
Do you think you’re attractive: Hahhahahahahahaha. Do I really have to answer that? Hahahahahhaha.
Believe in yourself: Hahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And I’ve been getting sooo much flak for doing so!
Do you smoke: Yes, occasionally. Hasn’t this been asked already?
Do you drink: Yes, occasionally. This one, too!
Shower daily: Twice.
Been in love: Yesss.
Do you sing: Yes. And I think I sing good, especially if I got a goooood mic 🙂
Do you dance: Yes!
Want to get married: Yes, but not possible. Refer to my previous entry.
Want to have kids: Yes, but I can’t. Again, refer to my previous entry.
Age to lose virginity: Huh? Age I LOST it, you mean? Hang on, is this whole trivia thing from a teeny bopper slumbook?! Well, so, yeah, a couple of weeks before I turned 18.
Do you hate anyone: Uhm, no…I actually don’t. Wow.

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