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From Fine Art of Free Speech and Dissent, some ways of letting your man know you’re not in the mood, and that you don’t take no crap either.

One: The word no should be enough. If a woman does not want to have sex, or is uncomfortable doing a sexual act, or doing a sexual act a certain way, or simply not in the mood, the word No should be enough. End of story. If a male continues on with the pressure or merely takes what he wants, those things are coercion and rape, and are punishable by law. But if you find no gets boring or old, or if it is not so much a matter of coercion and rape, well, I suggest the following tactics for dealing with the penis bearing oppressors when they get out of hand. Here are some examples of “unsavory” male behaviors, questions, and criticisms, and suggested ways to combat them. Take note, I have found a great deal of success using these modes of combat in the sexual battlefield.

Penis-bearing overlord: “Honey, I would really like to do/try anal sex.”
Upstart female: “Really? Me too! Why don’t you assume the position, I will be right back with the toys and lube / bar of butter and a broom handle. You’re going to want to relax, babe.”

Penis-bearing overlord: “I could really go for a blow job.”
Upstart female: “Then go.”

Penis-bearing overlord: “You know, it would be really hot if you arranged a three way for me with your best friend.”
Upstart female: “What makes you think if Donna and I decided to go at it we would invite you?”

Penis-bearing overlord: “Honey, you could stand to lose a little weight.”
Upstart Female: “Considering you’re the one generally on top, you should be the one worried about your figure.”

Penis-bearing overlord: “Honey, you could stand to put on a little weight.”
Upstart Female: “Then fucking learn to cook.”

Penis-bearing overlord: “I wish you had bigger tits.”
Upstart Female: “Well, I wish you had smaller tits and a bigger cock, but I don’t make a big deal about it now, do I?”

Penis-bearing overlord: “You should shave.”
Upstart female: “I’ll get a Brazilian if you will!”

Penis-bearing overlord: “You don’t cook/clean as well as my mom.”
Upstart female: “I am sure I don’t suck dick as well as she does either.”

Penis-bearing overlord: “(insert name of ex here) was much more adventurous in the bedroom than you are.”
Upstart female: “She also cheated/destroyed your credit/gave you herpes/set your clothes on fire/got you evicted/smoked weed 24-7/ rolled your car…but feel free to go back to her if it was that great.”

Now, for actual tactics.

Penis-bearing overlord grabs the back of your head in an attempt to throat-fuck you when you are not down with that: grab a handful of his hair, either in the pubic region or upper thighs. Pull. Hard. Not only will this generally end his erection, but he will understand the meaning of discomfort as you are experiencing it.

Penis-bearing overlord tries to “sneak in the back door” during regular intercourse. Move, quickly. Glare. Grab his unit. Remind him “gently” you are a front door girl only, and if he wants in any door at all, he will not pull that shit again. Also, you might tell him that generally there is preparation that enthusiasts of anal sex engage in prior to having it, things such as enemas, and him trying to fuck you there unprepared could be a very messy, smelly, and disgusting experience. Your potential pain may not strike all that real to him, your shit all over his dick? Very real.

Penis bearing overlord does not heed any of these words or less subtle hints? Stop fucking him! Boot his ass! Move on! Stand up for yourself and walk away. He is just a guy, after all, plenty of them out there if you really feel you need one that badly!

Should the penis bearing overlord not get any of those hints, well, then you can embrace the patriarchal assumption that all women are evil (as the good book says) and insane (as popular culture says) and do something like write “Piss off, I know where you live” in pigs blood on his front door, but make sure not to leave any prints!

So, these are things to remember if a plain old “no” just isn’t good enough for you.

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