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Most bars in the Philippines, Manila, to be exact, do not have long lines of people waiting outside eager to get in and be seen. There are a select few, if not close to none, exceptions of course. But generally, the Velvet Rope culture hasn’t really picked up. I don’t know how these headset-clad, clipboard-bearing, stoic-faced “traffic managers” use their judgment and choose which people to deny entrance nonchalantly. Could be the status. the name, who you’re with, how you look, and how you dont look. Surprisingly, even Paris Hilton was denied at the Oscar’s afterparty. I felt sorry for her sorry face. Haha. I never saw her look so sorry. What a foolface.

Also, it could be the clothes, or the lack of it.

Europe bar

With nothing on, you’re sure to breeze right through in. Like these girls.

Dream on, Manila. You’re not Europe.

More here.

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