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You know you are not yourself when you end up doing things that are unexpected of you, and having people calling your attention because of it. Case in point: this blog and my latest entries. Some SMSed and called me even, to ask why I’ve been writing, or in this case, haven’t been writing. I’ve been questioned about the authenticity of my entries as well. Oh please. I even credit the pictures I post here! Come now, I’m not that stupid. Anyway, my readers need to learn a thing or two, and this is my space, I can write my entries as lengthy as I want them to be. You can’t tell me what to write, or long I should write it. If you’ve got ADD, then it’s not my fucking problem. Go, leave, and stop coming back.

I’ve also got a serial comment-er/or (whatever) hounding almost each and every entry there is and left me some terribly, terribly bitter comments. Thing is, these comments, while derogatory and I’m sure were intended to piss me off, did not bother me at all. Surely by now I’m used to these things. I only got miffed when he corrected me on “light black”. I agree with you, it is definitely NOT a color, nor there are such words used in a string, so why the hell would I even use that? What’s worse, it’s not even written or used in that particular entry. Are you blind, bitter man? Surely you were referring to another blog?

Anyway, I thought of putting up a static disclaimer in consideration of those who come stumbling here, hoping to read some smut. I am, “The Bitch Goddess” after all, and its expected that I should be writing about really racy, exciting sexual accounts. So you’re disappointed I’m not Abby Lee. Does it mean because I don’t write about my encounters I’m a “half-baked” bitch? It’s not always about having sex beyond the borders of what is normal, usual, ordinary, you know. In my case, it is my state of mind, an attitude. In-your-face. Paris’ studded tank top illustrates it better.


To those who have been following me faithfully, by now you’ve noticed that I’ve never written anything close to erotica (‘cept one lousy poem in the past) and should have figured that I never will. And especially about my sexual encounters. Why is this? Well, as much as possible, I want to keep this blog as literary as I can while maintaining to leave out accounts of my sexual encounters, which is, surprising as it may sound to you, quite personal to me, no matter how random. I’m almost stripped bare here, with my soul out in the open, available for hounds to feed on me, so please, stop expecting. There’s an abundance of trash out there for you to feast on, go ahead and indulge yourself.

My patience and understanding is running thin, so don’t mess with me. Unfortunately, I’m not hard core right now. The reason why my entries are such lately is because I don’t want to write about what’s going on with me. In fact, I’ve driven away each and everyone who seemed to care for me. Somehow, them being around just wont do anymore. They can’t give me anything I need. And this fragile vulnerability is fucking me up. So, really, I don’t need your crap right now.

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