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Horror of all horrors, my iPod fucking died on me.

I was syncing it earlier and after I ejected it, I heard this click sound and it rebooted. And rebooted. And rebooted. Over and over until the battery ran out. I tried recharging it thinking I could bring it back to life and the fucking same thing happened. I read all forums on the subject, I did everything from resetting to reformatting to doing the Diagnostic test (center + left, bet you didn’t know that one :p) and I surmised that the software is doing fine, since my macbook still recognizes it and the data is still there. It’s just a matter of time before I see the sad face on the screen. I guess its a hardware/battery problem.

And I guess some of you can relate when I say, 


I’m one of those people who take their music seriously. I’m OC when it comes to my playlist, naming it from Drama Queen (to induce slow, painful tears) to Fucked Up (when I wanna do some serious headbanging). But of course, there’s my nighttime playlist, Good Night, and I dock the iPod on my Altec IM7 speakers and let it play until morning. Everyday. I guess BitchGoddess couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve graduated from the Chill Out to Lounge music. There’s a thin line between the two, and I can’t quite describe it, but if you have a seasoned listening ear, you can pretty much distinguish them from each other. For me, lounge music brings to mind the image of yes, a lounge of some Manhattan bar (*surprise surprise*), after bar hours, waiting for my ride, itching to rid of my slinky black dress and ridiculously high Louboutins and wash up my racoon eyes. And yes, strip down.


For over a year now, I have been lulled to sleep by this playlist, the Erotic Lounge Series (1-4). Each Series has 2 CDs; Slow and Lazy/Quick and Dirty. I let the Quick and Dirty songs play first (also serves as my sex music), and the Slow and Lazy follows, just in time for some serious sleep. 

Either way, this compilation is purrrfect as mood music. Never fails to make me wet.

But that’s beside the point. How the hell am I going to sleep tonight?!

*PS: If you know anything about this particular iPod issue, email me, please, please please at


  1. what do you mean it just died???
    was there any message like “Disk Mode”??/
    if yes, (this happened to my pod a few days ago), just recharged it again, but this time for a longer period (which also means you have to pray a longer period…… which i also did)… and voila two days later it came back to life… (quicker than lazarus… must be it is made of OS X ???/)..

  2. omg tbg! asus, you’re here lang pala. i’ll link your blog up with mine.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! 😀 kahit late.

    are you still in Davao? i haven’t heard from you for the looooooooongest time. Kwento!?

    condolence to your ipod though 😦

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