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‘Tis a sad day indeed. My dad just passed away at 5PM.  

I have yet to write a eulogy and I’ll be facing the media later.

And all I could think about is what to wear in front of the cameras.

I am one fucked up girl. 


  1. Aren’t we all, in one way or another, “fucked up” ? Two swell people in my life passed away in a space of less than a year. Both had cancer and I’m still smoking away. Now, that’s fucked up. I ought to be the one getting buried this weekend.

    My condolences to you and your family. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Take care,


  2. I thought I would drop a quote on you that I often ponder at times like these…puzzling but true I think.

    “Anything in any way beautiful derives its beauty from itself and asks nothing beyond itself. Praise is no part of it, for nothing is made worse or better by praise.”
    – Marcus Aurelius

  3. I can’t convince you because your loss is like that.Anyhow I can tell you this-

    “I may not understanding why sad things happen, may it somehow help to know how much I care.”

    p.s. what did you wear on that day?

  4. hi ms. C,

    my condolences for your loss. So, how have you been doing? been out of the loop for awhile and this is the first time again in so many months that i dropped by your old blog.


  5. Who is your dad and why was the media there?

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