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If you’re from the Philippines, I’m sure one way or another you’ve read or received a forwarded SMS about Inday, that seemingly iconic and now glorified Filipina maid with that vicious, witty tongue of hers.

For those not in the know, Inday* is a common Filipino household name, usually given to maids (whose names you don’t want to keep track of), lasses from the provinces, eldest daughters, market vendors. It could also be used to call a girl/woman if you don’t know her name.

Thus, to our amusement, this new Inday surfaced out of nowhere, the brainchild of someone who must want to give the stereotype a makeover.

Inday is intelligent, overbearingly witty, sometimes highfaluting, and most of all, hilarious. Not your typical maid from the provinces.

And she has a lover, Dodong**, who is equally witty.

And they came up with a blog! YES! Read here.

I have a new guilty pleasure, I believe. 🙂

*My definition may seem derogatory to some, but this is how I know the typical Inday. I will stand corrected if anyone can offer a better definition.

**Dodong, like Inday, is a typical Filipino household name, and is equivalent to Inday’s male counterparts.