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I had this conversation with a Greek guy friend, S, some time ago. And I think it helped me define who I am, what I want, or how raunchy (or not) I can be.

S: Have you had sex in public places? 

TBG: Erm, I’m not much of an exhibitionist, I think. Inside a car, probably. What about you?

S: Well, I had once, in the comfort room of a coffee shop.

TBG: Oh, that’s not so public. I mean, you’re still behind closed doors. If that’s the definition you go by, then yes, I’ve done it in a bar’s VIP CR a couple of times. But it’s not my thing, I guess.

S: Yeah? So what’s your thing then? Tell me.

TBG: Weeelllll, I believe in privacy. Doing it behind closed doors no matter how cramped. It’s your chance to connect with another person, nevermind that s/he’s just a one night stand. It gets distracting if you are mindful of getting caught or of people passing by. You lose your chance of making sex good for each other.

S: I had sex along the stairs of our apartment. It was exciting.

TBG: I guess it works for you. I mean, I understand the whole excitement bit, but I’m more concerned of making it really good. And I hate having to hurry because of fear of getting caught. I like to take my time. I like to tease. I love to talk and build up the anticipation. Talking and tracing my fingers across his body. Caressing. Mindfuck.

S: Is it worth it? What if the need is unbearable and you have to do it right then and there and it doesn’t matter where you are? Isn’t that exciting?

TBG: Well, you might as well be dogs.

So, what’s your thing?


I’ve been observing my stats for the last couple of weeks, curious on what kind of readers land on my site (apart from my loyal readers from my old blog, of course).

WordPress has this integrated Tag Surfer feature (exclusive to hosted blogs) which drove tons of readers to this site who used the “sex” tag.

So, the Tag Surfer feature + word search equals:
(and this has been on my dashboard consistently ever since I moved to WordPress)



I muse over the fact there are indeed millions of people out there who are really in dire need of cunnilingus education.

I guess I should write more on the topic soon.